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a hepatologie

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Instruction for reviewers

The review procedure takes place in the Open Journal System (OJS), authors can track the progress of the paper’s assessment.
Each work is assessed by two independent reviewers. After logging in to the OJS they send the completed review form back to the editor-in-chief within three weeks of receiving the work.
Reviewers are governed by the journal’s Ethical Principles.
The work’s originality and topicality are assessed as are the quality of the content and the style, the statistical processing and the quality of the pictures and tables. After scoring the individual items the reviewer proposes accepting the work as it is, returning it to the author to make larger or smaller corrections (without the need/with the need for a new review) or rejects the work. The reviewer should take notice of whether the work contains all the formalities (name, summary and keywords in Czech/Slovak and English, a description for the annexes, quotations, etc.). In the evaluation of work, the reviewer can expand in further detail, add a confidential comment for the editorial team or express an interest to publish an editorial for the work.
During the review process (peer review), mutual anonymity is maintained (the author, however, may propose three external reviewers of their work). For the manuscript to be published the editorial board requires positive evaluations from two evaluation experts. If the reviews are controversial, another independent review is sought, or the executive editorial board decides.

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